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    Say Hello to Our Wonderful Crew!

    Director and Creator of 'Auira Talk!': Dandelion Snowtuft (Arctic Fox Vixen. Taken. Husband=Calimm Snowtuft)

    Second Director of 'Auira Talk!': Calimm Snowtuft (Arctic Fox Reynard. Taken. Wife=Dandelion Snowtuft)

    Third Director of 'Auira Talk!': Recruiting. Open

    Reporters: Recruiting. Open

    Trainee Reporters: Chloe Unity (King Cobra)


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    Breaking news! Recently, there has been a raid in Scaleswind. Residents were horrified to find their winter food storage stronghold destroyed, with all supplies missing - stolen! If any animals are kind enough to donate, please do, though Dandelion still needs more money before donating all Auira Talk funds to charity. 

    Destressed citizens were found cr…

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